The airport of Venegono (LILN), 4 km away from Gornate, has everything a flight lover could desire.
Those who have never tried to pilot an airplane should do it right away! (clip 1)
The flying school is a true center of excellence!
It is located southeast of Varese, at a height of 1050 feet (320 m) a.s.l. In just 7 minutes of flight it is possible to enjoy the view of 5 lakes, including the lago Maggiore, as well as the mountains of the Monte Rosa range.
The airport is endowed with a strip 1420 meters long and 40 wide, which allows the landing of executives like the Falcon (clip 4)… all at 8 minutes from home.
The gliding premises are found in Calcinate del Pesce (clip 2) on the lake of Varese. A truly astounding location, 15 minutes from Gornate.
Como, 18 km away, has the only international water airport in Southern Europe.
The hydroplane is a dream you’ll hardly be able to wake up from. (clip 3).
Clips 1 and 4 have been shot over the airport of Venegono.
Clip 2 in Calcinate, clip 3 in Como.

Engine-powered flight – Airport of Venegono (1)

Glider – Calcinate del Pesce (2)

Hydroplane – Idroscalo di Como (3)

Executive Falcon – Airport of Venegono (4)

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